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Getting Started in the Ice Cream Truck Business

When I first got the idea in my head that I wanted to run an ice cream truck I had no idea what the process was. There was not much information online so I had to figure it all out myself. Everyone I told about my plan laughed at me or engaged me in a mock debate designed to emphasis how foolish I was.

The fact is that you are an entrepreneur and most of your friends and family and people in general are not so, whatever advice they give you will be colored by their natural tendency to avoid taking risks and doing anything out of the ordinary.

I made this guide for budding entrepreneurs like yourself. This guide will save you a bunch of time and get you up and running and making money as fast as possible.

You need to decide where to sell your ice cream

You will need a permit for each town so you do not want to pick more than a few. I ended up getting 3 permits but only ever used one of them; the other two towns were just not as profitable and I would have wasted a lot of time traveling to them.

There is even more paperwork involved, including registering your business with your town, getting a state peddlers license, as well as a town peddlers license. Then you need to get a health inspection and sometimes a vehicle inspection by your town police.

You need a truck

Or a van. New or Used. Or maybe you could rent one. You will need to You insure your ice cream truck before you can register it at the DMV.

You will need a freezer

You use a Will cold plate freezer? Do you even know what that is? I did not. What stickers and decals will you use? You will need to You decide how you will paint your ice cream truck and give it an overall theme.

 You will need your products

Just Not ice cream, but candy, snacks, and drinks. You need napkins and spoons and hand sanitizer and towels and other cleaning supplies. You need to figure out where to get each item the cheapest and what to sell based off of the profit margin for each. And how will you price everything?

You will need to decide on location

Once everything is set up how do you decide where to go and when? Which places will get you the most bang for your buck? How do you expand your business, and how do you know when to? How do the best guys make so much money?

Get started now

Ask some questions in the comments or by email. Watch the videos. Sign up for the free email program in the side bar so that you have step by step instructions for how to get started with action steps for each day so you stay on track and gain steady progress. The enemy of success is doing nothing.

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6 thoughts on “Getting Started Guide”

    1. candy really depends on the price range you are going for. If you sell 5 cent gums those will sell well. I sold a ton of air heads for 50 cents each or 3 for a dollar. Depending on where you are operating you might want to cut those prices in half. it also depends on what your prices for your ice cream are. If you have stuff that ends in .75, then you will have alot of kids who get 3 or 4 or 5 bucks from their parents and they are willing to spend it all with you if you have other things they want. so if they spend 2.75 on an ice cream and they have 4 dollars can you sell them a snickers, or some airheads, or a drink? have enough so that you can give them something extra and keep the change.

      I talked to an owner of a convience store and he told me king size sells better than regular size. then i started to notice it everywhere, in the gas stations, at the supermarket. people are willing to pay more for bigger. so only buy the king sizes. these may be harder to find wholesale than regular sizes though, so it depends on what you have access to.

      so popular candies besides those above would be snickers, M&Ms, and kit kats.

      For ice cream you will sell alot of cookies and cream anything, cones, cups, bars. if you can sell italian ice/slush, do it….its very profitable, more than prepackaged. dove bars are popular with adults, so if you are doing parties or going to corporate parks or buildings have enough of those. bugs bunny is a very popular face, but they all sell roughly equally. the king cones from blue bunny are also popular. it sort of depends on where you are located because different distributors have different selections. Its better to start with fewer selections to keep things moving with the kids faster. then as you go on in the season switch out underperforming items when you sell out.

      a few more:

      ice cream sandwhiches are very popular, not the rectangluar ones but the circular ones. slush cups like the cherry and lemon ones are also good. reeses and choco taco are good. spiderman and spongebob are also top faces choises. make sure you have those.

  1. Hey Tim,

    The site is great!

    I was wondering what your revenue and profit looked like.

    You mention on the site that its not a good idea to go in business for only one summer. Would it be possible to start and sell a business after one season?

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